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About datarabbit

A different kind of company. We've done all things web in the past and decided that performance optimization is where we can help the most.

About Us

Datarabbit's aim is to help online businesses and startups with their Performance/BI/Analytics/Testing and all user-centric data-related needs.

Method - Madness

We approach questions from two distinct fronts: from a pure mathematical point of view and from a humanistic perspective, looking to meet somewhere in the middle. This is one of our major advantages.

We also have a very ample background in all-things-web, from building pages to running campaigns in several languages and across borders.

Why we do what we do

We started the company for two reasons.

  1. We are certain we can deliver powerful insights that can help customers.
  2. We want to build a different kind of company. One where freedom to work rules.

Freedom to Work

We like Happy people. We want our customers to be happy. We want our staff to be happy, thus making people we work with happy.

People should be happy working. We spend countless hours crafting stuff, doing whatever-it-is-we-do to make a living. It is paramount to have a good time while doing so. Balance is required.

Digital workspaces can and should be distributed. As in “the cloud”. Everybody should get to work under the terms that make more personal sense. Office? Travel? Work at home? From a Starbucks? Day? Night?

Who cares! Nobody should as long as the job being done is premium quality.

A happy team delivers better results for customers, and that matters to us

"You can use all the quantitative data you can get, but you still have to distrust it and use your own intelligence and judgment."

– Steve Lohr

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly, one begins to twist the facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."

– Sherlock Holmes

Our Services

Data-driven decision making, testing, big data are more than just buzz words.

Performance Web Analytics

Web Analytics sole purpose is to understand customers. As obvious as this may seem, many vendors do tend to forget what it is all about. We don't.

Incremental Enhancements

Our unique approach towards the projects we start focuses on building upon what our customers have, the lessons they've learnt. Disruption can be incremental.

Result-driven Digital Marketing

At the end of the day it all comes down to each customers' objectives and wether they are able to achieve them. Our efforts are always aligned with what our customers need to excel on their online business.

Content Optimization

We have various approaches towards content optimization, depending on your focus. We can help with everything from optimizing customer accqusition to growing affiliate clicks to increasing site stickiness.


These are some of the providers and tools we like to work with.

Our Team

A bunch of people who love a good challenge to tackle.

  • Analytics e-Commerce Content optimization

    Esteban Glas

    Esteban is a seasoned web expert with vast experience leading development and marketing teams. He has performed various tasks and roles, ranging from leading development teams to managing global-level marketing campaigns.

    In his various positions Mr. Panzeri was able to address a wide array of requirements, including deployment of Analytics tools for over 160 countries, setting up and executing marketing campaigns and leading the conceptualization and engineering of complex projects.

  • Analytics e-Commerce Content optimization

    Hernán Gauna

    Hernán has a rare combination of communication studies -formally learnt at university- and a hacker spirit developed by spending countless hours building websites and reading documentation. As a natural result of his skills, he has done many experiments, leading to a great first-hand knowledge of SEO (even the dark side of it) and content strategies.

    Those experiments, on their turn, lead to an increasingly sophisticated measurement obsession, based on the scientific premise that hypothesis need to be proven.

  • Biz Dev Advertising Corporate Relations

    Andrés Bianciotto

    Experienced internet professional, with 18 years in the web publishing and marketing world. Andrés can bring vision, experience, contacts and clarity to companies big and small; he has mentored startups from idea to exit or at least the sane alternative to burning out.

    He can speak finance, operations, governance, code and stats both in corporate and SMB dialects. Core competencies: Media, on and offline, knowing its challenges enough to have a say in how to tackle them. Still madly in love with how tech helps people and businesses amplify their voice online. If you could communicate better online, Andrés can tell you how.

    Bianciotto is also a well renowed and engaging speaker who enjoys delivering talks that inspire entrepreneurship and business thinking onto the next generations.


Some of the companies we have proudly worked with.

Provincia Seguros
Secretaría de promoción turística

Interesting Facts And Figures


1st GA Advanced Analytics implementation in LaTam


Conducted projects in 17 countries


100% satisfaction guarantee


15% Baseline improvement for most of our projects

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